Bassam Qashqo


Beruf: Associate degree in Civil Eng.
Geburtsjahr: 1987
Wurzeln: Syrien

I am Bassam Qashqo (Sam), Syrian, 29 years old. I have Civil Eng. and Geography as academic background and I am currently doing my 2nd year of MSc in Geographic Information Science and Systems with University of Salzburg. 

In mid-Jan this year, I had to flee my country because of a military reservist claim. Given that, I spent the last four years in humanitarian field, with International Committee of the Red Cross, and thus being part of the current conflict in Syria, in any form, was and still completely against my principles.

I am happy and optimistic about starting a new life here in Austria, a safe country, far from any ethnic conflict or power-struggle war.

Lately, I could fortunately join the Österrichisches Rotes Kreuz as a volunteer and I look forward to do my best on this regard.

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